Rotate Mini Bone Saw AM-BS-2011




Application and Feature

Electric surgical drill & saw is one of power tools widely used in orthopedic operation. Gradually replaced traditional industrial drill and saw, it can be autoclaved up to 135℃ high temperature and 1.6Mpa high pressure. Some of bacteria can be killed by high temperature and pressure, fumigating cannot do. Meanwhile, it can shorten sterilization time. Under high temperature and high pressure, just need 20 minutes, win the valuable time for the patient. The device is optional, good looking, small size, light weight, no wires, easy to carry, safe operation.

Item Content Parameter
Handpiece Working voltage 7.2V
Output power ≥50W
Unit rise in temperature ≤20°C
Charger Input voltage AC220V,50Hz
Output power 7.2V
Input power 30VA
Battery Voltage 7.2V
Charging time About 3 hours
Saw autoclavable up to 135 °C  to do sterilization
Frequency 0-18000 rpm
Non-load Noise ≤45dB


Battery operated surgical drill & saw is made of main hand piece, charger, battery. The whole outer skin of the hand piece is sealed. Charger is not a medical electric device.


Standard Configuration

One saw unit

One charger

Two rechargeable battery

Two aspetic battery transfer rings

Two saw blades

One instruction manual

One Aluminum case


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