Polyglactin 910 Absorbable Surgical Sutures AM-889 Pgla

Polyglactin 910 suture retains tensile strength of about 70% till 14days after implantation, it completely absorbs within 56-70days by simple hydrolytic mechanism and absorption is predictable.


Good flexibility, Reliable knot security, Smooth passage through tissue provides no trauma, High tensile strength.

2. Polyglactin Sutures are used in general surgery, gynecological, Gastro-intestinal tract surgery, ophthalmic procedures. It is not used for cardiovascular and neurological procedures.




It is a twisted multifilament absorbable suture with synthetic coating, which makes the thread softer when passing through the tissues and tends to decrease the irritation of the same. Has a better tensile strength and a longer absorption period. Polyglactin 910 suture degrades by chemical hydrolysis and then is absorbed and metabolized by the human body. The absorption process is followed by a mass loss and the suture is fully reabsorbed in 90 days.


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