It is designed on the principles of X-ray drum curvature tomography, adopts a high-frequency and high-voltage generator and a special dental X-ray tube and can be lifted and lowered manually and locked electromagnetically, thus ensuring it a small focus when radiographing so as to obtain clear images. Furthermore, according to the figures of patients, the minimum radiation level of the unit can be chosen to take pictures for children and adults. Such human-oriented design protects the health of medical personnel and patients.



The unit is characterized by excellent quality, practicality and high efficiency. It is simple and easy to use and is applicable to oral panoramic X-ray radiography examination by hospitals at all levels, dental out-patient clinics and individual-run clinics and also used for clinical and teaching purposes by medical colleges and scientific research institutions.

Technical Specifications

Input voltage AC220V 50HZ 2.0KW
Tube voltage Panaramic auto 60KV-88KV

Panaramic manual 60KV-88KV

TMJ auto 60KV-88KV

TMJ manual 60KV-88KV

Cephalic auto 74KV-84KV

Cephalic manual 60KV-88KV

Tube current(DC) 12mA
Frequency 50kHz
Exposure time panaramic 12s

TMJ 3s x4

Cephalic ≤ 2s

Focus spot size 0.5mmx0.5mm
Total filtering 2.5mm AL
TMJ auto four-quadrant

manual four-quadrant

Magnification Cephalic 1.1

Panaramic 1.25

Positioning Manual

Electromagnetic locked

Film size Panaramic 150x300mm

Cephalic 200x250mm

X-ray film orthochromatic film
cassette 8*10
Dimension 1850x974x2290(mm)
Weight 190kg


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