High Frequency Mobile X-ray Equipment AM-101D

The machine is combined high-frequency X-ray photography diagnostic equipment, which is used in radiology, orthopedics, wards, emergency rooms, operating rooms, and ICU, etc. It is mobile diagnostic equipment which can make radiography on human body, such as head, limbs, chest and spine. The machine is especially suitable for photography without power supply, such as special outdoor environment and emergent incidents.




  1. Use a assembly high-frequency high-voltage generator, kV closed-loop control and mAs digital closed-loop control technology, microprocessor Real-time control, ensure dose accuracy and repeatability.
  2. kV、mAs two buttons adjustment, LCD display, parameter memory.
  3. With 50 preset anatomy programs, and parameters can be modified by the user.
  4. With over high voltage protection, tube over-current protection, output overload protection function, more secure and reliable.
  5. The structural design of Ergonomics, simple and easy operation.
  6. Use special high-quality batteries as the machine power supply, once fully charged, about 200 times the normal expose, avoid the fluctuations in net power supply to impact on the film effectiveness, the photography quality more stable and reliable.
II. Specifications
Power Output 5.0KW
Frequency 40KHz
X-Ray Tube Fixed anode
Focus 1.5
Tube Voltage 40~120KV (interval 1KV)
Tube Current 40~49KV 100mA 1~180mAs
50~59KV 77mA 1~140mAs
60~69KV 64mA 1~125 mAs
70~79KV 55mA 1~110 mAs
80~89KV 49mA 1~100 mAs
90~99KV 44mA 1~80 mAs
100~109KV 32mA 1~63 mAs
110~120KV 25mA 1~50 mAs
mAs 1.0~180 mAs (46 steps)
Power Supply 220V±10% 50Hz inner-resistance≤1.0 Option 110v±10%
Operation Method Wire /Wireless control
Built-in battery with a built-in back up battery to enable taking 200 to 500 pictures after power interruption.


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