Heat-Sealing Gusseted Reel AM-17

Heat-Sealing Gusseted Reel


Material: France Arjo Wiggins (Sweden Billerud) 60g/㎡ Medical high-temperature dialysis paper, TYVEK 2FS/1059B/1073B+blue (white/green) medical CPP/PET compound film

Manufacturing Standards: ISO 11607-1  EN868-5 BJ-C-07/E

Features: 100m/roll, size can be cut according to different kind of sterilizing goods, easy to use.


1) Complex instruments (e.g. air-powered instruments, endoscopes and
instruments with lumen or channels) should be prepared and sterilized
according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
2) Sterilization Rolls need to be cut to required length.
3) Do not use if the pack is damaged. Do not reuse. Single use only.
4) One of the open ends of the roll should be closed with a calibrated
medical sealing device and validated sealing process to form a pouch.
The recommended sealing temperature is between 170 – 190 °C
and 1-6 second dwell time.
5) Cover sharp ends of instruments with an instrument protector, to
prevent puncturing and tearing.
6) Place the item to be sterilized into the pouch. Do not fill pouches to
more than 75% of their capacity. Always leave minimum 1.5 cm gap
between the material and each seal edge of the pouch for a smooth
7) Manually remove as much air as possible from the pouch before
8) Close the open end of the pouch with a calibrated medical sealing
device and validated sealing process.
9) Avoid stress on the seals during handling. For example, fill the pouch
horizontally while working on a flat surface.
10) When loading into the sterilizer place the pouches into the basket in a
way that film faces film and paper faces paper.
11) Flat Sterilization Rolls should be put upright in the basket or container
and not too tight together; such that a hand can slide in between them.
12) Allow dry time for pre-vacuum steam sterilization process
13) After a cycle of sterilization, check the color change: If sterilization is
really implemented, it will turn dark grey/ black from initial light blue under
steam sterilization. For EO sterilization, the color turns yellow/ brown from
initial pink.
Handle pouches with care when removing from the sterilizer to prevent
Store pouches in an area protected from sunlight, water and other liquids.
14) Do not use wet pouch. Repeat the sterilization process after changing
the pouch.
15) To open the pouch, use a thumb and index finger to hold the paper
side and a thumb and index finger to pull back the film side of the pouch.
Always open the pouch from the direction of the arrow.
For a clean peel open the pouch slowly.


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