Chemistry Analyzer AM-AR-3001 (Economic)



Technical Specifications

Test project >70
Wavelength 450,492,510,546,578,630nm
Flow cell 32uL,quartz glass
Liquid volume 200-3000uL
Resolution 0 .001Abs(display),0.0001Abs(calculation)
Carry over <1%
Repeatability <1%
Printer Internal thermal-sensitive printer, 58mm paper width
Display 240*64 LCD
Data communication RS-232 serial cable
Temperature 10°C-30°C wet≤80%
Power supply 220VAC±15% or 110VAC±15% 50-60Hz 50w
Dimension 380mm(L)*320mm(W)150mm(H)
Weight 5Kg
Bolus Volume Range: 1.0~50.0ml, (0.1ml step)


Usual test list

Alanine Aminotransferase ALT Serum chlorine CL
Glutamic-oxalacetic transaminase AST Inosine anhydride CRE
Alkalinity phosphatase ALP Triglyceride TG
Total bilirubin TBIL Cholesterol TCHO
Direct bilirubin DBIL Glucose GLU
Total protein TP Serum potassium K
Albumin ALB Serum sodium Na
Urea nitrogen URE Serum calcium Ca


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